The Smoke Canyon StorySmoke Canyon is a “Small Company with a Big Sauce” nestled in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks.


Our goal is to produce GOURMET pepper sauces and BBQ sauces that the whole family can enjoy. Our signature product, Gourmet Smoke Roasted Jalapeño Sauce, was an immediate success.


We did not set out to copy another pepper sauce that is already on the market. We made the only pepper sauce of its kind with all fresh ingredients; jalapeño peppers, onions, garlic and lemons, with the right spices to create a unique flavor. Then we smoked and roasted the peppers over select Missouri hardwood. The results were the most sought after pepper sauce of its kind.


This sauce was not made by accident. It was made to stand alone, above all other pepper sauces. The flavor had to speak for itself and we are proud to say it has. Maybe that is why the demand for it is growing nationwide. Jay-Bird’s Passion, Promise and Peppers will never change. We will always produce our Gourmet Sauce the way we began.


When you order a bottle of our most sought after pepper sauce with Smoke Canyon and Jay-Bird on the label, you know you have the original and the best.


Jay-Bird wants you to watch for the release of his Jalapeño Pineapple BBQ Sauce along with the Red Gourmet Smoke Roasted Jalapeño Sauce, with more to follow.


From all of us at Smoke Canyon, Jay-Bird and the family, we thank you.

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